New Bethel CME Church

Our Mission

Reaching Out to Poor Communities

For more than nine decades, New Bethel CME Church has been spreading the message of Christianity through church services and Bible studies. Aside from offering an enlightening atmosphere for spiritual development, it is our mission to reach out to the poor and make their lives better. We sponsor many outreach ministries to help underserved communities in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.

Living Testaments of God’s Word

Under the guidance of our church leaders, we have established a foundation of trust with the residents in and around the area. Over the years, we have been successful in our goal as a church and a body of Christ: to be a living testament of the Word of God and a blessing to the people around us. To learn more about the history of our church, click here.

Be Part of Our Christian Community

New Bethel CME Church is more than just an institution. We are a family that seeks the will of God and lives in accordance to His Word with our fellow brothers and sisters. Come and join our growing church today and be a testament of salvation and grace to other people. Contact our staff to learn more about our church services and outreach programs.